2015년 5월 20일 수요일

It's time to say Goodbye.

Hello, Everyone.


Summer is coming to Vancouver. 13 weeks have gone really fast. Today (Wednesday, May 20th) is the last day of my internship with Football BC. If I didn’t work here I might never have had the opportunity to relive some of my high school football memories. I’m really glad to have worked here and learned from my supervisors.


I’ve written five posts in the last three months and this is my last post with Football BC. When I wrote my first blog post I mentioned I will share my football experiences with all of you. I hope it was interesting and helpful.


Actually I still can’t believe my internship will be finished today but with the new intern here so it is finally hitting home. I don’t know why but I guess that’s because working here was so fun and exciting J



I actually had the opportunity to help interview the new intern and I wanted to share that experience with you guys.


I conducted an interview with the new intern last week. He came to Football BC office on Thursday, May 7th. It was really funny when I saw his business attire because I recalled my interview and the feeling my first time at Football BC. His name is Ted Kim and he majored in Sports Management in University. He looks really passionate and he was funny guy like me. LOL.


I asked two interview questions to him. It was difficult to prepare interview questions.


-        What kind of skills do you want to improve from this practicum (internship) opportunity?


-        Do you have any special computer skills such as filming, designing?


Ted answered greatly. I think we can help each other. It means He was hired! He got a job!


I’m certain that Ted can harmonize with our supervisors especially our MuJaby army members (We made our work team’s name. it means ‘No Mercy’J).


I learned a lot of things from the best amateur football supervisors. Especially, I spent a lot of time with Daniel. He taught me a lot and we did a great job.



(There are 97.9GB of outputs from my works!!!)


I felt my English writing skills improved from this blog. When I wrote some posts, he edited them and gave me advice. It helped me a lot to improve my writing sense.


Daniel is the director of communication. I learned from him about how to communicate with Football BC followers on social media. I did a lot of design work and video work. It helped me to think creatively and inspire me a lot!


These are some of my design work.


During my time with Football BC, I achieved most of things that I wanted. I wanted improve my English skills and earn career skills that can be helpful for my future job. As I mentioned before, I want to be a sports marketer in the future. I can assure that work experience with Football BC is really helpful to my future career.
So now, it’s time to say Goodbye. I’ll never forget my experience here and I’ll miss everyone. I love Football BC. Thank you for giving me a chance to work with you, Football BC.
(Last lunch with Football BC)
Thank you for reading my blogs for last few months.
Again, thank you Football BC!!

2015년 4월 28일 화요일

BC Tough Camp with Moon

Hello Everyone,



Today, I’m going to write about BC Tough Football Development Camps. I had the pleasure of being at the camp twice to help with player registration, take pictures and post them on Twitter for @Football_BC. These are really simple and easy tasks but I needed some help. Last week, because I had to attend a Korean Soccer Tournament’s Conference right after the camp, my girlfriend, Moon, came to help me out.

This is my story of my day at the BC TOUGH Football Development Camp on April 25.

When we arrived at BC Lions Facility, there were already a lot of energetic athletes waiting for the camp to start. I could feel their passion for football and I know they were looking forward to meeting Lions players.

After Kato, the equipment manager of BC Lions, opened the Facility, I began to set up inside and started working. Moon and I divided the tasks as she helped me with the registration process. She tracked the players’ information on Excel and I handed out the new BC Tough Camp T-shirts. The players looked excited about getting the surprise gift and some wore them on the field.



When the registration was finished, the players went to the field and started warming up with coaches. Even though it was only warm-up, you could tell the athletes were very focused and ready to do their best.

You can find pictures by going to Football BC’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/footballbc)

After the warm-up, the players were divided by their position and start training with coaches and their role models, the BC Lions players. The Lions players were really dedicated to teaching and I could see our players wanting to do their best. It reminded me of my old training days. This camp was well-organized and I really envied the players.

Even though it was an early Saturday morning, the coaches and Lions players were all working very hard and took their coaching responsibilities very seriously. I’m certain that the kids learned a lot of things from this camp and they will be tougher players because of it!


There’s still time to register for a BC TOUGH camp! Register now at: 


“Keep going! Do your Best!”


2015년 4월 27일 월요일

‘When in doubt, sit them out’


Hello Everyone,

As we all know, sport is very unpredictable especially when it comes to injuries. In North America, concussions are what everyone is talking about especially in sports like football and ice hockey.


I know from experience just how serious a concussion can be.


A concussion may be caused by a direct blow to the head, face, neck or anywhere else on the body that causes a severe and sudden movement to the head. A concussion alters the way your brain functions and can cause significant impairment. In a sense, your ‘brain is shocked’.


As you know, a concussion can be occurred by various reasons. The common reasons are motor vehicle collisions and sports.

My blog today, of course, will focus on concussion in sports and I want to tell you about my story.
Actually, when I started writing this blog I only had one story to tell. Since then, I have two.
My first story is about my time playing high school football in Korea. I remember each year we would have a lot of injury teammates. I had one teammate who suffered a concussion every season. I mean, concussions were chronic for him. He was a great tight end and also a bright leader. That’s why our teammates followed him and supported him. I think he had too much pressure from our expectations and coaches’ as well. That’s why he hid his dizziness and headaches when he was on the field.
Unfortunately, his concussions became worse and finally he had to give up playing football which was his dream and his major. (Ed. Note: ‘Major’ refers to a specialty in study similar to a college major. Those that focus on sports in Korea choose a sport to major in).
I wish I didn’t have to learn about the seriousness of concussions this way but now I understand it.
My second story is a little more personal.
A month ago, my soccer team had an important match and I wanted to show my eagerness as a captain. I ran around more than other matches and I was totally focused. Unfortunately, during a concussion, I got a concussion. I could feel something was wrong in my head but I kept playing and continued to do so the next weekend. The reason I kept playing was because I thought I was ‘cured.’ I felt okay afterwards so I thought I could keep going. I was wrong. I should have taken care of myself and stopped playing. My dizziness returned and finally I had to go to the hospital.
The doctor told me not to play at least for a week. This time I know that rest is important and not to push myself if I can’t. Fortunately, I feel my concussion is not too serious this time but I was lucky. I learned a lot from this experience.
Thanks to Football BC, I’ve had a chance to learn more about concussions especially what the steps to take are when we suspect a concussion how to reduce the risk of concussion as a coach. The “Making Head Way in Football” course is free and mandatory for all coaches.
As I mentioned before, not only do I play soccer but I manage our soccer team. Even though it is an amateur team, we are very competitive and games can get very tough. Thanks to this course, I feel ready to take care of my players from now on.
According to this course, coaches have to sit players out when in doubt even though they are really crucial player in the team. The reason why we have to sit them out is because a concussion is different than other injuries because we cannot predict the aftereffect. That’s why we have to follow the guide lines and sit players out when in doubt.
Football BC has some great resources including a concussion card that you can get by emailing communications@playfootball.bc.ca.


“We have an obligation to protect our players.”

Are there any coaches who are reading my blog? If so, I hope you all are aware of the seriousness of concussions. You need to protect your players from more serious injuries and aftereffects. Also, if you haven’t the “Making Head Way” course yet, do it now at http:// nccp.coach.ca.

I got 100 points on the test. Isn’t that cool?


“When in doubt, sit them out”

2015년 3월 30일 월요일

George’s Senior Bowl Diary

What an incredible week that Senior Bowl turned Bowl turned out to be! Let me tell you about it from the way I saw it.


As I mentioned before, I’m from Korea. Football is not that popular in my country so you don’t find many fans of the sport. Luckily for us, many Koreans followed Hines Ward because of how good he was. He was a really great marketing tool for football in Korea. He was the reason many Koreans learned the difference between soccer and football. It’s funny to think there are still many people who don’t know the difference between them.


But we actually have national university football matches every year and 35 universities have their own football teams. There is also a national team in Korea but they have managed themselves without support from Korean Government. There are a lot of people who support them and cheer them.


So while football it not very popular in Korea, there are still people there who are crazy about it. I know, because I was one of them.


So why do I bring that all up? Well, a couple of weeks ago I got to experience the Football BC Senior Bowl. It brought back some old memories for me. I played football before, but I was a staff this time so I got to enjoy it in a different way.


Thanks to Football BC, I was at both the Senior Bowl camp and the game. It was a tough week but I really enjoyed it. The reason I said it was tough is because the weather wasn’t great and my job was mostly taking pictures of the players and coaches on the field. But, I’m sure it was harder for all the players and I could feel their passion for the game. It reminded me of my training when I did in high school.


For me, even with all the rain, it was an awesome week. Here’s how everything looked to me that week. My own personal Senior Bowl diary.

I want to call the first day of Senior Bowl ‘Picture day’ because I took a lot of pictures of players and coaches. These pictures are posted on Football BC’s Facebook and the Senior Bowl Program.
In the morning I went to the BC Lions Facility with Daniel and my first job was setting up the camera outside. Actually taking pictures of players is a real easy task but I was quite nervous because it was the first task of Senior Bowl for me. That’s why I wanted to put my best effort to do it. Thanks to all the players for being so cooperative!
I think the players are very lucky to have the Senior Bowl take place at the BC Lions Facility. They can meet their role models and they can use player’s changing room.
After lunch time, I edited some of the photos I took. Here are three of them:
I could really feel the passion of the players through these photos. I enjoyed taking pictures of them even in the rain.
On Wednesday, I filmed the Senior Bowl Draft. It looked like a real professional draft so I really enjoyed it. The two coaches picked from available players in the specific positions and then it was back to practice.
If you want to watch the whole video of draft, you can see at Football BC’s YouTube Page (http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialFootballBC)
On Thursday, it was back to picture taking but the big difference is the BC Lions players joined the camp and work with the players. It’s too bad I didn’t know them. but I’m sure they helped the kids physically and mentally. I really envied them.
Also, the Lions players gave their “Be More Than A Bystander” presentation. It taught the players to be good people off the field and to treat women with respect. After the presentation, they gave some souvenirs to the players. It’s great to see the BC Lions show CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Unfortunately, I couldn’t join the fourth day of camp because of school but I came back on Saturday for the game! It was my first football match in Canada. That’s why I was really excited at that time. My job was to be the photographer and take a lot of action photos. Here are some of my favourite pictures:
What do you think? Is it great? You can see more of the pictures on Football BC’s Facebook page at (http://www.facebook.com/footballbc)
Senior Bowl was an awesome experience for me! I hope it was for all the players too! I can’t wait for the next big event!

2015년 3월 9일 월요일

Designer George!

Hi everyone!


This blog is a special one for me because it’s going to give you a chance to look in to my mind and see something that I’m really passionate about.


If you recall from my first blog, I majored in Sports Marketing in University. One of the things I got a chance to do was make presentations and posters. When I managed a soccer tournament in University, one of the posters I designed was for a promotion against racism.
I discovered that I am quite a natural designer. It’s something I am really interested in. When I was in University, I took a Photoshop & Illustrator course. It was one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. I learned about how to edit and synthesize pictures, and create new photos.
Thanks to this course, I was able to utilize my skills in a professional setting when I went to work for the Samsung Lions, a Korean Professional Baseball Team. One of the tasks was to post articles and posters on Facebook whenever the team wanted to hire some new people.
You might remember that I also told you that I made a new soccer team one month ago. Of course, when you have a team, you have to have a logo. So, we had to decide our team’s emblem. At that time, nobody knew how make one so, luckily, I got to design our emblem by myself.
This is our team’s emblem which I designed. I wanted to emphasize our team’s name and that we play soccer, so you can see the soccer ball background behind the bull. It was an interesting task because I utilized my skills for my team and I made a team’s emblem as well. It’s almost like I’m the owner of our soccer team! At least that’s how it feels like to me.
After I started working for Football BC, Daniel gave me a few design projects to come up with some promotional posters, picture and logos. So now, I want to introduce these pieces and explain my design concepts.

First, this is the cover of Football BC’s Facebook page right now. The purpose is to promote the Senior Bowl camp which is about to take place. For the background picture, I chose one from last year’s Senior Bowl and edited it. Then, I designed the letters and put it around the picture. I used these fonts and this design because it looks simple, but effective and I think it can attract interest.

So how did I do all this?
First, I reduced the size of the picture and amended it.
The top photo is the original and the bottom photo is my edit. Can you find the difference? It is little thing but it makes the picture stylish.
After that, I changed the color of Senior Bowl logo and put it in.
Deciding on a font was difficult because I wanted to use energetic and striking fonts but not too casual ones. I ended up downloading fonts from the Internet. What do you think? Is it cool?
These two logos above are a bit of a secret right now, but I’m going to share them with you.
These are two logos which I designed for the Football BC Provincial Conference. It was a really difficult task because I couldn’t decide what theme to use and, as a result, wasn’t sure what pictures to use. After some thinking, I came up with two ideas..
Since the Provincial Conference is a coach’s conference, my first logo (the one on the right) shows a coach blowing a whistle. I’m not that satisfied with this logo because it looks little bit casual for a conference. That’s why I decided to make a second logo.
The second logo (on the left) is also in a circle shape and with the laurel leaves around it. Laurel leaves stand for honour and glory in the Olympic Games. Even though I didn’t put a coach’s image in this logo, I think it expresses how important and meaningful the Conference is for Football BC.
So now, I want to ask you a question!
Which logo do you like better?

I want to hear your comments before we official decide on a logo for our provincial conference!
If you are wondering where I got my inspiration from, it actually is from one of my favourite soccer teams, Bayern München. Their emblem looks simple but meaningful. I wanted to emulate that design and keep it simple.
I am really enjoying my design tasks at Football BC. I think I can upgrade my skills through working at Football BC. Also, I want to learn writing skills from Daniel. If I combine my design skills and Daniel’s writing skills, I think I can find my dream job as a Sports Marketer.
If you have a time, please give me some comments here on which logo you like the best, and what you think of my designs!